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Mentorship Program

Follow the inner compass to your truest life path.

Heal your heart and rediscover your inner wisdom to chart a clear path on your life’s journey.

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Forgotten wisdom.

In today’s busy culture, we’re surrounded by voices, influences, and so-called experts. In the chaos, we often forget that we have wisdom within for every situation. This is our intuition- our inner wisdom. By tapping into this resource, we can navigate the uncharted waters of life with confidence and peace. 

Discover your Higher Self.

Awakened Journey is a 6-month mentorship and energy healing program, designed to help you nurture the clarity within you and you’ll cultivate a life that flows with love.

The Awakened Journey program uses a unique combination of energy healing and spiritual mentorship, empowering you to understand and heal what lies beneath your consciousness. In doing this, you’ll break patterns and mindsets that live at the core level, and create long lasting change.

This program may be for you if you:

struggle with self-limiting beliefs

lack confidence when making decisions

feel confused about your life’s purpose

are tired of looking outside for answers

want to feel more calm, peaceful, and centered

crave more for your life

The Awakened Journey Program at a glance

1:1 Support
6 Months (6 Sessions in total)
1 Session per Month
Energy Healing
Mediations & Visualisations

A place to align

bespoke pathway

Each client embarks on their own unique journey.


A space where you’ll be met with compassion and empathy.

Holistic approach

A unique pathway founded in my Enigma Approach of multifaceted healing and spiritual mentorship.

grow your soul

Through our time together, you’ll learn powerful practices to heal and release the past, reconnect with your inner wisdom, and move forward with clarity.   

Energy healing

Our patterns are affected by both our belief systems and our energetic bodies. Heal and clear blocked energy to get unstuck and move forward without fear and striving.

Renewed Beliefs

Delve into lifestyle habits, self-sabotaging patterns and limiting belief systems that are programmed at an unconscious level. Reprogram with healthy beliefs and patterns that serve you and your values.

Clear Direction

Gain powerful insight into why you are here now, where you want to go, and how to get there. Develop tools to develop resilience and stay grounded in times of stress and change.

Power in the Present

Untether yourself from any binds in this lifetime or past lives and unhealthy ancestral cords and belief systems. Heal old traumas and neutralize karma to release yourself into higher vibrations of love.

Life-giving Relationships

Develop powerful self-love and healthy boundaries to heal old relationships and attract new ones that will bring connection, happiness and love into your life. 

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“I have been a client of Mauras for 5 years and she has been an amazing influence in my life mentally, emotionally and physically. Her mentoring, healing and support has changed my direction and perspective on life.


The Awakened Journey Program includes 6 one-on-one sessions over the course of 6 months together. We offer two packages.

most flexible

Monthly Payments

$ 145.00 per month

paid monthly for 6 months*


Best Price


$ 835.00

paid in full at checkout*


*All program fees are non-refundable. To schedule a free 20-minute consultation with me, you can complete my inquiry form here.