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Meet your Energy Healer

Welcome! I’m Maura.

For almost 30 years, I’ve supported people in their bodies and souls. My introduction to life as a healer started in 1993 when I became a Registered General Nurse. Passionate about mothers, I soon became a Registered Midwife and worked in these roles for 10 more years.

an itch for more

My work as a nurse and midwife became less satisfying as the focus became more on completing tasks at rapid speed, and less on connecting with my patients. I came home from my shifts tired, frustrated, and unfulfilled.

My training in Western Medicine was invaluable, but I knew it was only one piece of the puzzle. I looked to Eastern Medicine for the missing parts, and started a journey of holistic medicine.

the eastern modalities

Although I didn’t have the words for it at the time, I had an awareness of my intuitive Energy healing gifts.

I sought out training from rigorous institutions, and learned directly from trusted mentors and Spirit Guides. When I became a Licensed Acupuncturist, earned my diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicine, and underwent one-on-one training with Energy Healers, I finally felt confident that I could offer humans the depth of support they deserved.

taking the leap

All the while, I was raising small children and working as a nurse. In my third year of Acupuncture training, I realized that something needed to be released.

Around the same time, I experienced transformative healing through my own herbal treatments. I cut back on my nursing work, and started treating clients through in-home acupuncture, herbalism, and energy healing.

Awakened Healing

Through my own health journey and my decades of experience and training, I’ve seen that it takes a nuanced, delicate approach to support someone’s healing journey. In this work, I hold a sacred role as a space holder, as my clients explore trauma, cultural conditioning, and past life experiences on their road to health.

my mission

I help you

  • transform your health and life

  • free yourself from the past

  • connect to your heart

  • balance your energy

  • discover more joy

  • nourish your body, mind, and spirit

Sacred Foundations


Years ago, we lived in tribes with elders, who could offer us guidance from their lived experiences. Today, most of us lack that support. My diverse background allows me to deliver grounded, ancient wisdom to help you live a healthy, satisfying life.


Each person’s journey is complex and nuanced, and one-size-fits-all approaches have no place in healing. I offer each person a custom, multi-faceted path forward, which honors the mind, body, emotions AND spirit.

healthy roots

Nature teaches us that healthy roots lead to a resilient life. Together, we’ll look beyond the symptoms and explore the root causes of physical, mental and emotional struggles. Then, we’ll create a solid foundation that will allow you to take powerful next steps in your life.

the role of a healer

Together, we’ll explore deep and lasting healing within:

A Shift in consciousness opens the doors to body healing.

With my support, you can expect a truly diverse and holistic approach to your health. My background in nursing and midwifery combined with my training in acupuncture and Chinese medicine and my gift as a Healer allow me a deep and broad understanding of the human body and its connection to the mind and emotions. My methods are grounded in science and connected to the Spirit.

Ready to experience a new kind of care?

Together, we’ll unearth what your body, mind and heart need to thrive.

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