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Radiance Pre-Pregnancy Program

Prepare the way for a radiant pregnancy. 

Nourish your body, cleanse your energy, and relieve your stress as you prepare for the most transformative journey of your life. 

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Bringing a life into the world is no small task.

Pregnancy puts an enormous strain on a woman’s body, mind, relationships, and overall life. But most women are given surface level guidance through their pregnancy journey. I believe that motherhood starts before conception, in the early planning stages of your family. It’s during this time that you can best prepare your garden for peaceful and healthy growth.  

Lay the foundation for your healthiest pregnancy. 

The Radiance Pre-Pregnancy program is a 3-month one-on-one program designed to empower mothers-to-be with holistic guidance for optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

The Radiance Pre-Pregnancy program is unique in its holistic nature. Using my Enigma approach, we’ll go beyond vitamin and exercise recommendations to prepare the whole woman– body, mind, emotions, and spirit– for the journey of pregnancy.

This program may be for you if you:

are trying to get pregnancy or are planning to start trying in the next 6-12 months

want to prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy

are looking for body/mind/soul care


value diet and lifestyle changes as a part of holistic health

hope to give yourself a foundation of emotional and mental wellness prior to conception

The Radiance Pre-Pregnancy Program at a glance

1:1 Support
4 Sessions in total
1 Energy Healing Session
3 Acupuncture Sessions
Meditation & Visualisations
Chinese Herbal Therapy (4-Months)
Life Style Advise

A place to be nourished.

bespoke pathway

Each client embarks on their own unique journey.


A space where you’ll be met with compassion and empathy.

Holistic approach

A unique pathway founded in my Enigma Approach of multifaceted healing and spiritual mentorship.

Radiance flows from within.

Through our time together, you’ll learn powerful practices to nourish your body, cleanse and heal your energy, and care for your mental health.   

Balanced Hormones

Leverage the ancient principles of acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine to support the Endocrine and Reproductive systems, balance your hormones, and improve energy, mood, and sleep.  

Nourished Body

Fuel your body and prepare the way for your child-to-be with nutrient-dense food, custom-to-you vitamins and herbal regimens, and daily activity that fosters a strong body. 

Stress Relief

Reducing stress is paramount when trying to conceive. With Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, and lifestyle guidance, you (and your partner) will nurture a slower life, giving your nervous system a much needed chance to refresh.

Energy Healing

Our patterns are affected by both our belief systems and our energetic bodies. Clear blocked energy to get unstuck, and journey into pregnancy ready and confident. 

Emotional Support

The journey of growing a family can be overwhelming even in the best of circumstances. Find the empathy, compassion, and space you need while you embark on this chapter of your soul path.

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“Within 4 months, I had renewed energy and was ecstatic to find that I was pregnant!”


“I have been a client of Mauras for 5 years and she has been an amazing influence in my life mentally, emotionally and physically. Her mentoring, healing and support has changed my direction and perspective on life.


The Radiance Pre-Pregnancy Program includes 4 one-on-one sessions over the course of 3 months together. We offer two packages.

most flexible

Monthly Payments

$ 267.00 per month

paid monthly for 3 months*


Best Price


$ 695.00

paid in full at checkout*


*All program fees are non-refundable. To schedule a free 20-minute consultation with me, you can complete my inquiry form here.