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A Christmas Reflection-Maura@ Enigma Wellness Clinic

As we approach Christmas with the hustle and bustle of the shops, people rushing to buy gifts, meeting friends for lunch or coffee, exchanging gifts and expressing gratitude, putting up decorations and organising food for the feast days that are fast approaching us, I find people are happy and cheerful albeit many of  us, let’s be honest, have left things to the last minute with errands and wrapping up at work leaving things a bit stressed as “time limitation” is created.

It’s important to kick back now and have a break at Christmas and focus on what is really important-spending time with family and friends and bring on ‘feasting’ – this is not time for diets or restrictive eating.

Winter solstice represents the “light of Arthur” a time when darkness is all about us, as the shortest day of the year approaches which is usually 20th to 23rd of December as it varies from year to year. It is also a time when we can open forces to inspiration and conception with focused intention. The North star is connected to the Christmas star or “star of Bethlehem” is likened to a beacon when three wise men followed this star to find baby Jesus.

As we come to end of the year it is also time representative of endings and beginnings, we can cast away whatever is impeding us, letting go what we have been carrying or holding us back that we no longer need.

For new beginnings, visualisation is key followed by action steps to take in order to achieve your goal or vision.

The magic of Christmas belongs to “Santa Claus” or Saint Nicholas who brings Christmas gifts to children albeit with help of his famous reindeers. In truth, we all strive to bring a child-like sense of wonder at this time of year to our lives, listening to Christmas carols whilst we get into our groove, giving to those in need of our help and having kind word or visit to people living alone or living away from their home country at such a traditional time of year.

Wishing everyone Joyful Christmas and Peaceful New Year,

X Maura

Maura@Enigma Wellness Clinic

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