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A Christmas Reset!

As we approach this Christmas I reflected on my last Christmas message and how my reflection was light and thought provoking, a message to spend more time with close friends and family and remember what and whom is really important to us in the hustle and bustle of Christmas preparations “to do lists” and shopping, how much has CHANGED in a year,  “What a Year it has been”, with Pandemic and political upheaval, rules and regulations, constraints on our freedom and way of life, which has huge magnitude affects, still wreaking havoc on our society, our health, freedom, work environment(as many of us are working from home now), economy, mental health and much more…


In terms of Energetic affect, this crescendo of energy which has being building throughout 2020 will peak this December 21st, we are at the end of portal of Birthing will bring about birth of a New consciousness “The great reset”. On 21st of December we have TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE combined with Winter Solstice(darkness into light) which strengthens the eclipse. This is a pivot point between the decline of the old order and institutions and a New linear high vibrational energy, which will bring about more collaborations of groups and like-minded individuals, more equalization of wealth, society operating from grass roots up and more connectedness of global humanity.


As we approach the 21stDecember and afterwards, there may be some confusion with this new lighter Aquarian energy , we need to stay grounded by going for walks connecting with nature, parks and by the sea, spend some quiet time turning inwards. We need to be careful about the amount of time watching news and social media which will have the affect of turning outwards and causing fear and anxiety for many people. A positive mediation around the 21st whilst all this unravelling is unfolding around us, we can manifest what we want to bring forward to our future and harness and feed your future with positive thoughts and mindset and always remember to count your blessings.


This period of awakening will happen for every-one of us whether you notice any shifts or even notice anything at all .This will herald a leap in evolutionary consciousness.


During the Holiday Season practise Self-Care especially for anyone who has lost a loved one in past and if we have a sad moment, it is important to acknowledge it but not to dwell on it and rather focus on the bigger picture of life.


Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas and I hope Santa Claus comes to all as the magic of Christmas does not just belong to kids alone!!


Best Wishes,


My Best,  Maura XXx

Christmas Message from Maura Farragher @Enigma Wellness

A Christmas Message from Maura Farragher @ Enigma Wellness Clinic

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