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A New Year-A New You!

We have all heard the old proverb “OUR HEALTH IS OUR WEALTH”, and each New Year, so many of us adopt ‘New Year Resolutions’ from quitting smoking, new diets, new fitness regimes, new Personal Development & Educational courses but so rarely do we hear people say ‘This Year I will Boost my Body’s Immunity to Illness’?

After a year we are all adjusted to wearing masks, washing our hands, using disinfectant gel and social distancing, NOW is the time to take a look inside ourselves and build up our defenses against colds, flu and viruses in the upcoming months.

I regularly boost my Immune system before and during the winter season, and this year, it’s even more beneficial, especially for anyone whose Immunity is compromised. Chinese herbal medicine is extremely effective in boosting and maintaining a healthy immune function as it works to nourish and rebalance the body’s own energy and Immune System.

Chinese herbal medicine has been practiced for thousands of years and has proven to be effective as a preventive and clinical medicine. Chinese herbal medicine works on our protective qi, (energy) which is part of our immune system, our first outer barrier of protection. Herbal prescriptions can help boost our immunity and help prevent  common colds, etc. As part of herbal bespoke prescription, it can include tonics which boost our lung and gut immunity, improve metabolism our overall energy, Immune function and health.

Our diet is equally as important and supports the function of our immunity, health and well-being. Our Immunity is supported by eating unprocessed food. The protective coating on grains and other “whole foods” contain valuable minerals and nutrients that strengthen our Immunity.

For more information on boosting your Immunity I have created a unique programme tailored to individual needs including Energy Healing, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, diet and Lifestyle advise.


Wishing you Joy, Health and Happiness,

Maura XXX

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