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A Time to Boost Our Natural Defences!

Complimentary Medicine & ImmunityComplimentary Medicine & Immunity

Maura Farragher is a Transformational Complementary Therapist helping people on their journey to personal wellness

Each year I boost my immunity before and during the winter season and this year it’s even more necessary as we are dealing with the Covid- 19 pandemic and especially for anyone whose energy and immune system is compromised.

As a TCM practitioner, I would regularly prescribe select traditional Chinese herbal formulae as an effective way of boosting and maintaining a healthy immune function as it works to nourish and rebalance our bodies own energy and immune system.

As well as taking prescription of Chinese herbal medicine, I will often supplement with Propolis and Bee pollen both having been around through the millenniums and are sustainable medicine sources as well as raw honey,(not suitable infants).

Bee pollen is a rich source of protein and vitamin  B12, considered one of nature’s most completely nourishing foods, it contains nearly all nutrient’s required by body. About half of its protein is in form of free amino acids which can be used directly by the body.

Pollen is considered an energy and nutritive tonic in Chinese medicine, improving energy and vitality, helps to prevent communicable diseases such as common colds and flu as it has antibiotic effect. It is also very beneficial for skin and for many cases of hay fever and allergies (must be taken 6 weeks before and during season).

Propolis is rich in bioflavonoids they appear to have general protective function within the body, bioflavonoids stimulate the white blood cells and lymphocytes into producing interferon the natural protein substance now recognized as central to a healthy immune system which may explain incredible range of properties we have come to recognize in propolis as it has antibiotic, antifungal,  antiviral and immune stimulant effects, anti inflammatory and much more…

Other minerals and vitamins which are beneficial include, magnesium as it calms nervous system and Vit B12 required for red blood cell formation and normal growth and builds immunity. plays a role in metabolizing serotonin a chemical responsible for regulating mood in people. Recent research on Vitamin D deficiency published by Trinity college Dublin researchers found Vitamin D may enhance resistance to respiratory infection and even play a critical role in combating the Covid-19 virus. Vitamin C is benefical also but cannot be stored in body so you need it in your diet every day.

In traditional Chinese medicine, Protective qi (part of our immune system) present in skin and muscles circulating opening and closing sweat glands and defending our bodies against disease and assaults of microorganisms, it is the most vigorous type of energy in the body.

When protective qi is strong, diseases from viruses and weather influences are generally warded off but when our immunity is weakened disease and pathogens enter more easily so it makes sense to keep our immunity boosted.

A well balanced diet with whole-grains, plenty of fruit and vegetables, stews and soups especially broths are particularly beneficial..

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