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August Vacation Reflection 2022

We, like so many others, have not had summer vacation in the sun for over three years due to the pandemic and many other factors. Our staycations were lovely in their own way but my body was longing for sunshine,  real heat, to gather Vitamin D, the 3 R’s – Rest, Restore, Rejuvenate – and not forgetting my 4th R; relieve any aches in my body. I have a real love for France and Italy.

On one particular vacation many years ago, we were in Tuscany and much to our dismay at the time, all the shops had closed down due to annual vacation in August which is still traditional in Europe. They all close up shop, go home, and travel to the seaside and mountains to enjoy warm temperatures, a nice breeze, and most importantly, a slower pace of life. This is often with friends and family enjoying the break in routine of daily life.

This year we decided to follow their example and embrace the continental lifestyle. With excitement of packing (I’m a serial over packer!), the stresses of organization everything and navigating our way there, we settled into a laid back routine within a few days for much needed downtime in a beautiful family hotel along Amalfi Coast.We proceeded to Puglia down at heel of Italy and after a long drive, we found the most beautiful beach  with clear blue warm water and lovely breeze keeping the temperature just perfect. Gallipolli – and especially Lecca and Materia (the hotel where they filmed 007 No Time To Die) – were lovely with an old Italian architecture and vibe. We as humans need this downtime in order to become creative, re-inspired and dream a little. It’s so important and often undervalued. This time out helps us block out and filter the noise. It connects us with nature and our Intuition.Our holiday was not just about sunshine, but our experiences with places and the people in them.

We also enjoyed eating delicious local food and enjoyed a wine tasting experience with a beautiful family at Lapruina vivi in Salento region. They used traditional and sustainable processes…the red wine was like velvet with hints of spices.The sea itself is so purifying and meditative. Just by listening to water and you can’t beat walking in sand with your barefoot – that is my idea of heaven on earth. 

I hope your summer was equally enjoyable and filled with beautiful experiences and memories too. 

My best wishes,


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