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In today’s world and society we have learned – from a relatively young age, I might add – to use our minds to think our way out of every situation and rubber stamp, prove, quantify, and measure everything. Though there’s nothing wrong with thinking and using our minds. I too am a big believer in science, as that is my background and foundation of what I do today, but we have lost the art, especially as women of connecting within to our divine feminine energy, to counterbalance the male-dominated world we live in.

Divine feminine rising was never needed so much as it is in our world today to bring balance and harmony to the world we live in. It’s needed to support political advocacy, equality for all women so that we all can live in an equitable society, and most importantly “freedom”, which should be every citizen’s right on earth. 

Divine feminine encompasses our connection to Mother Earth who is the spirit of Earth itself This should be a heartfelt connection with respect, and gratitude, honoring our seasons of the year and of cycles of life itself, the abundance that Earth provides for all, without which we cannot survive.

The ambition of women and men, rather than going into our male energy, we can go into the empowerment of our feminine energy. By doing this we are co-creating, using our creativity, diplomacy, and wisdom, and building on what we have achieved to date. It was the suffragette movement that was at the heart of vote and much more. It established the foundations of much of our freedom especially in the Western world today.

To “clear out the cobwebs” so to speak of the past, our outdated belief system – due to familial, ancestral, tribal, cultural conditioning, and past lives – is often ingrained at the level of our core and DNA. Healing and clearing individually and at a collective consciousness level of “standing in our power” and supporting our sisters and brothers regardless of where they live in our world today is the way forward.

Equal pay at political, governmental, and strategic levels, working with men, will help bring about this equity, and equality. It will bring balance and harmony back into our world and society today. We also need men to support and embrace this change with us. It is crucial to note that it is not them versus us; it’s about co-creating and implementing change and transition with different points of view, integrating the divine feminine and the divine masculine deepening our connection to each other and to earth itself. This will enable us to grow as a society, harmoniously, creating a rebirth of our society. 

I am still optimistic about our future because I can see divine feminine rising on many levels. From community to organizations, which will progress to world-stage decisions and policies eventually. We all want a better and more peaceful world for ourselves, the planet, and our children So, let’s stand together, united in our common passions and goals.

My Best,

Maura x

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