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Over the Easter break, I had the privilege of having “A Spiritual Journey” on the island of Crete. On my return home, I took a few days to recalibrate my energy field, as vibration here in Ireland is much denser than in Crete, and to assimilate my experiences. I deliberately left my phone back at the hotel each day and stayed disconnected from life and family stresses and all media and lived in the now, with total immersion in the experience.

I heard the song “IN YOUR EYES” in my mind, remastered by Peter Gabriel and it struck a chord with me, as spirit always finds nuances and ways of getting my attention. I felt in the last few months that I needed to immerse myself into the” deep dive”, reconnect to source, replenish and nurture my very essence and soul of myself. “As the song goes”, without a noise, without my pride, the grand facade so soon will burn, I reached out from the inside, and all my instincts returned. “In your eyes” I want to feel the light and heat, I want to be that complete. It sums up that we are always reaching upward to connect with god or a source whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

The taxi I got into after arriving had Hermes radio station as a sticker so I knew, all was ok, the more aware I become, the more I see the signs and nuances from spirit. Being in Crete so connected to the gods, especially Zeus, Apollo and Hermes made my time there extra special and quite emotional, having their strength, wisdom, and protection, as I delved into many things including the seven sisters of Pleiades, ironically that was the book I was reading by Lucinda Reilly yet another sign I was on the right path. 

The nurturing energy of water in Crete and the Mediterranean Sea was invigorating and even though the water was cold, it was still lovely to dive into and reenergize, I felt “Mother Earth” was in me and all around me, her divine feminine energy, a deeply immersive experience.

The people in Crete are warm and friendly to match their climate, the Mediterranean diet is healthy food in its natural and abundant form and frankly, quite delicious. I met some beautiful new friends, who are like-minded and we plan to stay in touch.

We all have our ups and down’s in life, contraction, and expansive experiences, but what my “sustenance” in life has been, is my connection to Spirit, I go back to this well again and again, some people find this connection while sailing, hiking or camping outside with elements, but whatever yours is, my advise is to make time for this “sustenance”, it is essential to our wellbeing, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It makes you feel alive, you come back to yourself, and your mojo returns.

On that note, 

With Love, Maura xx

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