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A Temporary Pause as we shift to a new Vibrational Energy.

When I first read about Covid-19 last January little did I know how it would impact our whole lives, my kids are home from school and college and both myself and my husband are working from home like most other families. There is a lot of FEAR and ANXIETY around the world as this is global pandemic and not just about their health and potentially contracting virus but people are worried about economy and how it will impact our jobs. Social media has helped us all to stay connected, our kids skyped their granny and video’s sent from friends and colleagues and not to mention toilet-roll saga helps us have laugh to buoy us up to make the best of our situation.


As well as staying home as much as possible, keeping to routine Staying centred at this time is very important, because when we are more centred and balanced within ourselves not only are we more peaceful we make better decisions, small short meditations of 5 to 10 minutes going within every morning really helps and despite all the bombardment from media (yes I know some of it is necessary in order to keep up to date) overviewing of social media and main stream media can cause unnecessary anxiety. Moderate exercise especially going outside fresh air is great way of clearing your head for those who can (while maintaining adequate physical distance)


In terms how humanity can GROW from this situation, we can choose to help others, those who are elderly and vulnerable in our community, follow government & WHO guidelines and support each other as we are not used all being home together for such long period of time.

From a spiritual perspective, there is big SHIFT for all humanity coming about as this is global and virus knows no borders, but we can still CHOOSE connect at heart level that “divine spark “ within each of us can connect with each other as a collective all across the world, this connection is based on love “UNIVERSAL LOVE ”for all humanity (this collective connection of universal love last happened in World War II). This will raise the  vibrational energy of all humanity, we will connect with mother earth’s vibrational energy and the divine we will be one divine spark between heaven and earth. This is very important  but necessary for humanity but also for the environment because as our collective consciousness raises, people will e.g. Recycle more, buy less fast fashion, make more investment in renewable energy and biodegradable products as people will be requesting more ways to use renewable  energy and supply and demand  principle is key here!


We have seen clear skies from media reports in China and in Venice  the quality of water cleared so much, we could actually see fish in water and bearing in mind this was over very short time span. This gives us all hope in search of clean clear water and clear skies for our future health and future health of our planet of which we are interconnected with!


While we navigate these turbulent waters through this time of change which has been thrust upon us un-expectantly , we must pull together while remaining physically apart. If anybody is very fearful or stressed and anxious reach out to friends and family for help and I am sending anyone who reads this extra blessings for those who need it.






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