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Healing Benefits of Holidays & Sunshine



As I watched the first of of our kids return back to school on the bus this morning, it marked for me, and I’m sure for most, the end of the Summer Holidays!

Rather than feel too perplexed, I feel it is important to reflect and give thanks and gratitude for the time and memories we have created.

We all deserve a holiday and it is so important to take a break to re-charge before heading into the winter.

I regularly remind my clients about the benefits of taking a holiday and enjoying some down-time as it is so vital for our overall health and wellbeing!

With the amount of rain we have been getting these past few weeks, more so it appears in the West of Ireland, it is important to remember the many benefits including Vitamin D we receive from the Sun.

I recently read a very interesting article (August 14, 2019 published in several Irish national newspapers) about a Donegal GP Dr Martin Coyne.

Dr Coyne blames severe lack of sunshine in the county for low levels of Vitamin D (even lower than the National average) and high levels of osteoporosis.

In fact, the levels of Vitamin D found in tests at the Letterkenny Lab were so low that scientists at first thought the test equipment was not properly calibrated.

The sun has amazing healing benefits not only from the absorption of Vitamin D through the skin but it also charges up our energy field when energy flows easier the healthier and more vitalised we are.

Also, as we eat more plant based foods, naturally in season which have absorbed the energy from the sun, our physical body obtains the benefits of this also.

With Holidays, we get to break from daily routine and work and it is well published that people return with increased productivity, improved mood, creativity and enhanced immunity.

Also, the endorphins we produce stimulate our “feel good factor”, playfulness,  fun, and feeling spontaneous helping tend to the inner child within us!

So as the kids head off to school, bring on the Autumn and the natural cycle continues!

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