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Nature & Creativity

The benefits of spending time in Nature should not be underestimated. I regularly enjoy walking in nature in local woods or by the sea usually accompanied by my King Charles Spaniel Lucy and our Springer Spaniel Lilly and they love spending time in nature also.

Nature is palette of colour for everyone animals and people alike, as we pay more attention to seasons and colours Autumn traditionally is time of harvesting and building up reserves for winter months. Autumn colours correspond to the colours of setting sun especially this time of year.

As we approach Halloween or also known as Samhain at end of October to beginning of November and traditionally this was a time when order and structure were abolished and from this “Trick or Treat” originated where children knocked on their neighbours door for treats and playing tricks. As winter time begins our ancestors are remembered also.

I recently attended a demonstration on encaustic artwork and in a similar way, the inspirational artist reflected the beauty of nature through colour, creativity and passion. I feel when a person or therapist has deep belief and knowledge for what they do, it radiates energetically to their clients and sparks their own creativity and in turn they become co creators with you also.

Creativity connects us with our unconscious mind at a deep level benefiting every area of our lives.

When we have communion with all of nature it helps us physically, psychologically and indeed spiritually so take some time out in nature and connect with your own unique individual creativity.

Enjoying the amazing eco friendly centre in Slieve Aughty ideal for walking trails cycling horse-riding and exploring and connecting to nature as well eating nourishing organic food in cafe grown right here at centre it doesn’t get more sustainable than that!!


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