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Hay Fever
The Summer season plays havoc with so many people’s enjoyment of summertime due to the symptoms of Hayfever.
Allergic Rhinitis, also known as hayfever, characterised by sneezing, nasal congestion (runny nose) and itchy eyes, develops when the body’s immune system becomes sensitised and over-reacts to something in the environment that typically causes no problem for other people. This can also affect some people regardless of what season we have, and this is a reaction to fungus spores, dust etc. This is known as perennial rhinitis. In Traditional Chinese medicine they view this as a wind cold pattern and underlying Lung weakness which may be complicated by weak or poor digestion and /or hereditary factor that lead to weak and low immunity.
Wellbeing and Management Tips
Dietary Modification
Too much dairy products creates phlegm in the body for some people and is stored in the lungs because their digestion is unable to clear mucous and this can complicate seasonal rhinitis. This is compounded by too much sugar and chilled food or the overuse of antibiotics all compound the problem. It is important to eat a healthy balanced diet and to make modifications as necessary to reduce hay fever symptoms, increase immunity and improve your overall wellbeing.
Seasonal Rhinitis
For treatment of seasonal Rhinitis – Hay Fever – I recommend regular acupuncture sessions for two to three months prior to the season – this can minimise or correct symptoms. The addition of the famous Chinese herbal formula ‘Yu Ping Feng San’ helps tonify the body’s immunity like tonic prescription depending on the presenting signs and symptoms.
During an acute hayfever attack I often use another famous formula ‘Cang Er Zi San’ and modify this and tailormake a bespoke prescription for the client depending on the presenting symptoms. This can also be used to treat sinusitis. There are four herbs within this herbal prescription formula, to unblock the nasal passages and opens orifices which helps clear sinuses and eyes and resolve headaches etc. This formula can be used to treat acute or chronic sinusitis and allergic rhinitis.

Additional Advice on Dealing with Hayfever

  1. Keep a check on pollen counts – keep yourself informed through social media, weather forecast on radio or TV, or use an app on your phone.
  2. If the pollen count warning is high, stay indoors as much as possible and keep windows closed, depending on how high the pollen count is (usually midmorning / early evening)
  3. Wear a pollen mask if gardening or mowing the lawn.
  4. Avoid rubbing your eyes
  5. Reduce exposure to dust mites as much as possible.

The greatest benefit of availing of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine is that it treats the “ROOT”cause of the issue and resolves the symptoms of hayfever which is caused by weak or low immunity which is sensitized to spores in the atmosphere rather than just treating manifestation and symptoms in the summer season like runny eyes, nose etc.

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