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Positive New Routines

Stress & Anxiety

While the weather has still some semblance of Summer still about I felt change this morning, there cooler more damp feel to the start to day ahead and so I thought to myself its beginning to look and feel like “Autumn is here”, traditionally in Celtic calendar August is start of Autumn but for most us it begins in September.After a mad scramble to organise back to school last minute things (yes, I know they have been off for 6 months) but there is ‘nothing like a deadline’!! We arrived back home after family wedding and Staycation-a few days of mini holiday brought the end of Summer to close. This year with extra safety protocols (Covid-19) to take while navigating the bus and the school routines a lot of extra work and #anxiety for many students and teachers alike, however its time now to create positive new healthy routines in order ease back into the flow and ebb of routines and life in general. Early Autumn is great time to get back into Positive Healthy routines e.g. Healthy lunch boxes for adults and children alike. After recent house renovations we still are on our 2nd round of decluttering, you have to recycle/donate the old stuff in order to make way for the new, as we accumulate far more stuff in our lives and in our homes like a weight weighing us down, affecting our daily life, #mentalhealth, our vision and creativity and this reflects in our lives, often its time to let things go and people, changing relationships for the better to a more positive frame.New paint and colour palette brightens and freshens things up or calms things down, my sitting room aka known as ‘my parlour’ has a relaxed, calming vibe, as you walk through the door you can feel it, there is no TV, just music, a place to read and in Winter unwind and relax before a nice fire savouring a nice cup or tea or a glass of wine! That was my VISION for sitting room a relaxing calming space and so it is!! In order to manifest this space, I connected with my creative force, my technique and Power of Manifestation through Visualisation in order for it to form into material world. The Power of Manifestation and Visualisation go hand-in-hand and are key to initiate the process and create the end result! So why not use this time of New Beginnings and Positive new Healthy routines that back to school bring about for good in our lives??Maura XX


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